Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gregs the guy

Greg Chapell is the new coach of the indian cricket team. He has coached south australia previously. Saurav Ganguly played pretty well due to his guidance in Asutralia.

And in the recent road map that he has released for the indian cricket team he feels that the core needs to be around VVS, Saurav, Sachin and Dravid. I wonder why Kaif is being left out. I think he ought to be groomed for the no 4 spot and we are going to have lots of slots vacant. Hes performed each time hes been sent out to bat at 4 in a one day match and he has the right style of batting to lend balance to a batting order in which apart from Dravid the rest are all very highly dependent on their form to score rune unlike Kaif who is ready to battle it out and spend time in the middle a la Steve Waugh. He should play in any matches against the inconsequential teams like Bangaladesh and Zimabawe and with all due respect to Sachin we must rest him and prolong his career as much as possible as the SA team did it with Allan Donald where they would play him only in key matches especially in ODIs.

And for test teams I think Chapell has done a great job in analysing all the bowlers weaknesses. If whats written in the papers is to be believed then he thinks Nehra and Zaheer are usually unfit and Pathan has lost the ability to swing the ball. He has hit the nail on the head in all three cases. And as for Balaji he needs to be nurtured more. Cant agree with him more.

Also he has said Rayudu is a great future prospect, considering that he hasnt being doing too well in the league this will give him a whole lot of confidence.

But will he be a good coach, I personally think that naturally talented guys usually do not make good coaches which Greg is. On the other hand his web site is great and also the discussion boards are thoughtful. I personally feel Greg is much better for personal consultations for some players who are going through a lean patch rather than for a team. I would have gone for Tom Moody since hes done some great work in the English County Circuit while South Australia didnt do anything great under Chapell. And to top it all Moody was an all rounder meaning he understands all the aspects of the game very well. But whethe Greg makes a great team out of a good team only time will tell.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven - Elven special forces converted to Crusaders

Legolas converts to Chritianity. Like in the case of the Popes theres a change in his nomenclature. He calls himslef Balion. To repent for his pagan non christian past and our hero deserts King Aragorn and decides to become a servant of the kingdom of God. Unlike Legolas he decides that woman can be decent company.But for most of movie he does what Legolas did, kill a lot of guys in imaginative ways.
Ok I have used my bloggers license to modify the truth about the movie.But heck the movie distorts history as well badly. I googled around a little and found a few interesting things.
1. Sybilla(Eva Green) doesnt fall for any Balion. She remains the Queen and her son becomes King of Jerusalem.She dies in some epidemic.
2. Guy de Lusignan(Sybilla's husband) later teams up with Richard(the Lionheart guy) in the next crusade and as a reward finds himslef as the King of Cyprus.
3.There was no Balion.
The best thing about the movie is the battle scenes. Ridley Scott dishes out awesome bloodbaths. The siege of Jerusalem is fundoo. I was drooling over the trebuchets, siege towers, and ballistas. The scene where balion brings down Saladdins siege towers with his ballista is the moment when Western Christian technology triumphs over the infidels, ok i am exagerrating.
The movie is worth watching just for the battles. (ps and Eva Green.)