Friday, October 10, 2008

The K.F. Panda part 4.141592: A New Soap

Long long ago, in a Union Territory not too far away, there lived a panda. This was no ordinary panda, but one who lived within sight of the snow-capped peak of Mount I, wherein the best of the best of the best of the best of the best[infinite loop detected] passed (in some cases, only figuratively) the best years of their lives.

Naturally, with aspirations of climbing ABO peaks, it was practically certain that the panda would soon have the engineering dream, and so it happened: one day, the panda dreamed that it was located in a square, enclosed area with incomprehensible instructions pouring in from unknown directions. This naturally made the panda and its nearest and dearest think long rosy thoughts, with a perfectly predictable and completely irrelevant outcome.

We now carefully skip through a few boring parts, wherein the panda jumped backwards through a few hoops (note: simulated hoops only), bent over backwards to bite its own tail, and generally made an ass of itself while demonstrating its ability to climb the estimated 2.5e5 steps that took it to Mount I.

Now, once the climb was over (with a lot of dubious side effects that are the subject of a fascinating psychological study someplace), it found itself near the peak. It was here, that it had its first sight of the cream of the cream, the practitioners of K.F. This event changed the subsequent life of the Panda

Now, the ancient and holy art of K.F. is a curious one indeed: as a bystander explained in passing to a now wholly chastened and gullible panda:

"You see, the true art of K.F. has reached fruition in its exponents before you: note the careful and apparently artless positioning of the string backpack as armor, inspired entirely by the noble turtle. Next, the careful use of filler material to give the backpack solidity without mass - and at the same time giving the exponent the capability to inscribe profound thoughts influencing our very existence. Then of course there is the air, no doubt acheived through the combustion of substances that hone the practitioners art while at the same time preserving their ability to appreciate it..."

Leaving the rest of this description (deserving of a new post in itself), we proceed to the first challenge faced by the panda: not getting kicked out. It might please you (but I doubt it) that there were no explosions as the panda managed this stupendous act.

(Yes, I know. It is, after all, part π+1, with many many more iterations to go)

Appropriate vusic mideo for the challenged is here