Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blogging from Israel

Right now I am in Israel on a business trip. Its a beautiful country. The roads are as narrow as in India but the traffic is not as chaotic. Use a taxi to commute from hotel to the office. Some of the taxi drivers are cool chaps. One of them actually sang a hindi song "chal chal mere haathi" while he was driving us to the office, and then came up with "Indian women aaaaah they are so beautiful".......and then added quickly looking at the bemused expressions on our faces "At least in the movies"

Went on a hotel trip over the last weekend. Went to Ceasaria, Haifa and Acco. Haifa the bahai gardens are great and a sight to behold. In Ceasaria and Acco which were basically citites built by crusaders the forts were pretty good.

Had something known as a falafal which tasted somewhat like a vada. Cant find a power cord for my laptop or else would have uploaded a few photos of my trip here in Israel.

Going to Jerusalem tommorrow.

Went on Wed night to an Italian restaurant where our bosses taook us for a treat. They explained to us the funda behind people using blue flags to support the pull out of the army from Gaaza while others using an orange one to oppose it. There were a few cars which had both these flags which I suppose goes to show that they are undecided as yet.

Anyways will upload the pics soon and post a link....