Thursday, March 17, 2005


Watched Karam at the Mux on Sunday.

Was one of the better movies made. Its a standard story abt a contract killer and the love of his life and how he has to finish off one last business before he can leave the profession and avoid captain from cutting of his loves fingers one by one. Some of the stuff in this movies is good, mostly fast paced not much room for maudlin scenes and some good cinematography. This movie is Kill Bill, Matrix, MI2, Assassins all rolled into one. Worth a watch at least once.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Meet the Fockers@Plaza

Watched the movie saturday night. Usually watch movies in Plaza in the upper stall but this time around my friend decided that we will watch it from the balcony. Well when I walked into the balcony I realised that I have gone into a time machine of sorts. The seats were divided into different compartments each in the shape of a box. We being we bought tickets early so we were in one of the higher up ones. As usual I did not find enough leg room throughout the movie. Also if I leaned back and tried to relax and still watch the movie the bottom part of the screen disappeared which meant that for most of the time I was leaning a whole new dimension to edge of the seat doesent it !!! By the second half I could not decide which was funnier me keeping pop corn and trying to have a pepsi at the same time with the chair vibrating with every movement that I made or the movie itself...

Anyways the movie was quite good though not as good as meet the parents...essentially this movie is about Ben Stiller taking Robert De Niro and his finacee and mother in law to meet his parents. Who in turn are Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streissand who seem to be still living in the age of the hippies...lots of funny situations involving hoffman trying to break open the WC of DeNiro's trailer coz the latters cat flushed the formers dog, the dog I am sure was an IIT-ian in its previous life coz its only purpose in life seems to be fornication....we come to know that stillers mom and dad like to have a lot of cream when they are together and not just for eating :), and in the midst of it all is a child whom stiller is supposed to look after and who ends up holding a bottle of rum in his hand and uttering his first words which turn out to be ass and a pause and then hoooole and finally the fact that ben stillers fiance is pregnant

These are a few of the funny situations but there are numerous the only problem being that they seem to be too contrived and fantastic and after some time it becomes a pain to watch ben stillers parents....

But on a whole a movie worth watching at least once, I would descirbe it as an edge of the seat movie for more than one reason.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Went for the usual nets today. The mat was wet because of the overnight rain. For the life of me I cant figure out why one does not fold up the mats and keep it in a dry place during the night.

Spoiled all the balls that we had taken along. Ball was keeping low and hurrying along. I thought I will bat pretty badly, but did do pretty well in the nets. Some of my backfoot shots were cracking. The first one was right off the meat of the bat a square cut to point with my back foot right across covering the line of the ball. Seems to me my bad form is gone and I am feeling better with my feet movement now.
Only remains to be seen whether in a match I will be able to play just as well.

Going to watch Meet the Fockers tonight @Plaza. Apparently they are gonna close down the theatre and are building a mall there. Hmm might be one of my last movies there then I would imagine.

Update with the review of the movie soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fans of Bayes

This blog can be extremely irritating to anyone who is semi literate and of no interest at all except to the Extra Terrestrials who are looking for signs of intelligence on earth and might end up concluding after reading this blog that we are more primitive than the samples that they had found 5000 years ago.

Well the blogs name is Fans of Bayes. So I have to write about Bayes. Bayes was the one who came up with stuff like p(A|B) meaning probability of A given B.

Bayes is there in everyday life. So here are some truths about the real world looking at it from the eyes of Bayes.

p(committed | intelligent and humorous babe) == 1
p(cricket expert | Indian ) == 1
p(blog | sane human being) == 0

Will be blogging more such stuff soon.

Anf if ya are still with this blog and not irritated enough

Why is a tiger a Tech Park ?

Because 'Bagh' mane Tech Park.

Supposed to be understood only by TI,i-flex and Motorola employees.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Statutory warning

This stuff is likely to be irritating to almost everyone. If you continue reading, be warned!