Saturday, December 03, 2005

Difference between Lara and Tendulkar

The difference ("as i see it") is Lara never defends, like he will always dominates.Doing the same thing for some 16 years is totally awesome.Whereas, Sachin dominates the opposition but not always.Take the case of his double century against Australia where he played one of his slowest innings as he was going thru a rough patch.

Lara if gets a BIG hundred whenever he scores one...whereas Sachin has only three to his name and all of them being below 250.Whereas, Lara has crossed 250 at least three times.

you are most welcome to add to the list of differences between Lara and Sachin.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Interesting story

Such a joy to listen to Ian Chappell and Michael Holding comment on the Aus-WI series.

Got to know 2 funny incidents narrated by Chappell and Holding.

Firstly Chapell was talking about Sir Gary Sobers playing for South Australia at Adelaide. There was a match with New South Wales and Richie Benaud was captain of NSW. As usual Sobers was on the rampage, Benaud turning to Alan Davidson (a great bowler of Australia, a commited cricketer so typical of the Aussies) to "slow Sobers down". Well he got trashed for 4,6,4 and the 6 landed one bounce into the bar just behind the scoreboard. And the straight boundaries at the Adeliade Oval are supposed to be pretty far away.
Davidson though finally got Sobers out and remarked to Benaud "I sure did slow him down!!"

The other one Holding talks about the comments that the crowd in Adelaide keeps passing at the players. Apparently there was this English captain who was trying to swat a fly out of his sight. And pat came a voice from the crowd "Leave em flies alone!!" Well whats so funny, the fact that the English captain answered to the name of Douglas Jardine.

Sandys blog

My friend Sandy has blogged about the Ganguly-Chapell fiasco plus the Eden Gardens match as well here .

He makes some interesting observations :

1. Chappels gesture was a disgrace to Indian people.

2. The booing of the crowd at Eden Gardens.

3. How because of the booing people are after bongs in general asking them to explain something that some stupids have done.

Starting off with the first one the Chapell gesture, the explanation of the BCCI about the injured finger was laughable probably just as much as the inclusion of Ganguly as a "batting all rounder". What has irked me is the fact that Greg Chapell is considered to be a straight talking downright guy. Now then if hes that sort of a guy then he probably should tell us the truth and face the music/consequences. Everyone loses their cool and if this is not acceptable by Indian standards then Chapell must be fired and some one else found. But then the BCCI is never known to take any tough decisions. They always take the compromise path. And Sandy, Dravid is not a wimp of a captain but more about that in aother post.

Secondly the crowd booing the Indian captain off. First of all there are enough cowards in the crowd who know that their anonymity is the biggest weapon and use it to get away with anything that they can think of. Most Indians in general have never played any sport at a serious level and have no idea of the sort of pressure a sportsperson goes through. Even when I played at my hostel I could see the despair in my hostel mates eyes when we would yet again lose our semi final to the same team. The problem comes up when your own mates start abusing you, its almost unbearable. You turn to them for support at times of defeat and when they boo you off its gut wrenching. And finally this new phenomenon of crowds getting more and more fanatical. You could see it in Bangalore when India lost the test to Pakistan. Ganguly was booed off. Same thing happened to Dravid in Eden Gardens as well, probably prompting the gesture of clapping for the crowd at the end of the match in Mumbai. I sort of think that Star News which makes stupid shows like "Match ka Mujrim" would be unhappy each time India wins since it means they can no longer get people like Bishen Singh Bedi to shout whatever they want against Indias selectors the BCCI and the players. I have no idea why crowds bay for blood, it almost seems like people have stopped realising that its just a game and that sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. Thats the end point "ITS JUST A GAME". Passion is all OK but then at the end of it if you have been outclassed you just accept it and then appreciate what the other team has done and hope that there will be a better performance next time around. All one needs to look at is the Chennai (considered to be a unfriendly place for outsiders!!) crowd giving a standing ovation to the Pakistani team in 1999 after Sachin had easily played the best test match innings of his life. And all this talk of doctoring the pitch, well if you want to talk of yourself as the second best team in the world after the Aussies then you should play well on any pitch and not insist on playing only on slow low tracks.

The last point irritates me, why should some one who was not there at the ground be asked to explain something ? Eden Gardens is in Kolkata and you would expect a Metro to have people from all over the country and a fair population of non-bongs who would have booed Dravid as well. Why are bongs asked to explain the booing ? Just the sort of generalisation and regionalism that makes me frusth!!! And Bangaloreans were never asked for explanations for the booing that Dada had to put up with ?

Will blog about Gangulys selections, captaincy etc later on...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Sportsmanship ?

Much has been said and written about Flintoffs extra-ordinary sporting gesture. But I guess its always easier to be sporting when one has ended on the winning side or when you have a strong batting line up that you can walk.

But yesterday one incident took the sheen off Flintoffs impeccable conduct after the Edgbaston test match. Inzy was playing a great innings shepherding the tail very well and was looking to score his century quickly so that he could declare, and what does Mr Flintoff do, take advantage of the wide rules of a test match and spear it down the leg side so that Inzy has no chance of scoring off that ball. And it was not a ball that strayed down leg side because one could see the keeper move down the leg side even before the ball was bowled. It was good to see Darell Hair signalling it a wide while it was even funnier to see Flintoffs expression that looked as though "What!!! how could that be a wide even Geoff Boycotts mum would have hit that ?". So this sort of makes me wonder whether its always easier to be sporting and all that when you are on the winning side, not when you are out in the heat, on the final day of a test match and desparately trying to stem the flow of runs from a batsman who is one of the all time greats that Pakistan has produced.

But then there was one more incident to show that all is not lost. Sami was steaming in and was getting hit for runs, Inzy was looking for wickets when Pietersen drove at one in the air to Sami who did not claim the catch since he felt it did not carry to him, while the rest of the team was sure he had caught it.

Contrast the 2 incidents one a established player whose place in the team is assured and the other a person whos test spot is going to be under scrutiny now that he has had a bad game and could not take wickets on the last day when the team badly needed them. And what a difference in the way they reacted to the situations that they were facing!! It is in adversity I guess that character is revealed rather than in triumph.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tag virii.

v. tagged, tagging, tags
To mark or vandalize (a surface) with graffiti

I suppose a collablog does lead to unpleasant situations. Ah well, when former cricketers request (very politely, too) that you should do something, you do them. So here goes:

  1. I hate cricket. Maybe not the game, but the idea of watching a bunch of walking advertisements chase a piece of processed leather. I'd rather play. Or sleep.

  2. I read. Though some of my tastes do tend to be too weird for normal consumption, there are others that might be of some interest. Or maybe not.

  3. A born spectator, with not too much to confess. Apart from a mild dislike for poetry that (thankfully) does not extend to inflicting awful rhymes onto the world.

  4. My normal state: Inertia. See this, though it tends to be a more pronounced reflection of Newton's law.

    Then again, the lack of brain function does indicate something. I wonder what.

  5. It's been a long time since I sat down and watched tv, apart from the usual gawk at what nature can get up to if you leave things alone long enough. I wonder what I've missed.

  6. Humour. PJ's - the P'er the J'er, Paresh Rawal. Brit comedy. Rowan Atkinson is god. Seriously. The only art form they've perfected (or are even capable of.)

    Further reference: Stuff like Black Adder and Bean, Minister and P.M., Tom Sharpe and some others.

  7. Food! The regrettable tendency north of the tropic of Cancer to drown it in red oil and smother it in alu usually makes me stick to safer stuff.

    That "special" veg food is not paneer must be pounded into some people.

  8. Curiosity. It might have killed the cat, but they have enough lives to spare a few for this particular vice. Besides, you never know what you don't know until you try.

  9. I watch movies that make me frust. The other kind runs out of theatres long before I get around to watch them. After all, it is the "way of the future".

  10. A devout follower of the dictatorial method, particularly in certain things.

  11. Did I mention that I read? "Speculative fiction" not completely influenced by grampa's Tolkien and Asimov is good, though sometimes finding good ones is difficult.

    Long-winded series are a particular pet hate, particularly when the author seems likely to leave the endings to his 'spiritual heirs'.Five (three, but why quibble) years to wait for a book, and then get only half of it? Not nice. At all.

    (Remember: Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but if the person you're imitating is long dead, the only result is a bunch of irritated readers.)

  12. I tend to get bored rather easily. Therefore:

  13. I'm lazy.

  14. I cheat, when I have to.

  15. Like when the effort is not worth the results.

  16. I suppose it is worth mentioning that der cricketer might like to blog. I don't. Too many things to do as it is.

  17. I can't count properly. Very useful, at times.

  18. A tendency to not complete things...


  19. Q.E.D. (see postum scriptum)

Since I "have" to tag someone, so the two absentee individuals here who might actually contribute stuff are invited. No links to you, so there.

Forecast for the day:
Sunday is close: Carrying a sign that says "will miaou for food" might help.

PS: random thoughts are not usually fit to print. Just enjoyed. Like thoughts of der cricketer getting slowly snowed under by an avalanche of work, too busy to even see what horrors he causes by getting me to post stuff...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Seems to be I have been tagged by Ranjan . Apparently it means that I have to reveal 20 random things about me.

So here goes:

1. I love cricket as is apparent from the posts. I open the batting for the team that I play for. And recently I took a hat trick while bowling. And when I bowl I bowl reallll slooow.

2. My cover drive is as good as anybodys. Lots of people tell me it has an element of lazy elegance about it.

3. My favourite batsman is Damien Martyn who I am sorry to say Australia have dropped after one bad series of his without thinking that he had won the previous 2 almost single handedly.

4. The bowler whom I most admire is Wasim Akram , the last of the thinking kind, they dont make bowlers like em anymore.

5. When I used to play in school, I would bat at #3 and had a reputation for hitting the ball into the Secunderabad club and in the process having to cough up a lot of money.

6. The stroke that I am working on right now is the pull, I just cant manage to keep it down nor hit it through mid wicket so if you know how please tell me!!!

7. The best innings I have ever seen in my life are the back-to-back centuries scored by Steve Waugh in the Ashes series of 1997, with a split webbing on his right hand in seaming conditions and clutching his bottom hand each time the ball hit the higher part of his bat.

8. The best dismissal I have seen in my life is in the Chennai test between India and Pakistan in 1999. Wasim Akram bowls a ball to "The Wall" Rahul Dravid , ball swerves into him in the air, Dravid totally impeccable with bat pad so close together that even Geoff Boycots's houses mosquitoes cant get through is playing forward and then what do we see, the ball pitches and then LEAVES Rahul Dravid, pegging off stump back. The wall is breached and Sachin plays the innings of his life but sadly India end up losing.

9. The worlds top 5 current batsman who would have survived even against the WI pace attack of the early 80's are Dravid, Sachin, Lara, Kallis and Inzy.

10. My favourite writer on cricket is Ramachandra Guha.

11. According to me the best Hindi movie ever made is Jaani Dushman.

12. I am a great fan of Mithunda and his movies.

13. I am allergic to the following : Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra and anything beginning with a K.

14. Apart from the aforementioned movies one of the serious Hindi movies that I like is Achanak , the best "serious non entertaining" Hindi movie I have ever watched and which does not seem to be of the "inspired" kind.

15. I admire Nagesh Kukunoor's work. The fact that hes from Hyderabad is a big plus.

16. I read lots of books and have a collection now that has cost me quite a bit. Big fan of Inspector Morse .

17. My most valuable book is Lila though it just cost me 20 bucks.

18. Of course when it comes to humour Tom Sharpe is the best.

19. Also watch a lot of english movies. A movie I like but did not get its due since Forrest Gump was released in the same year is this one .

20. And of course to end it all be sure to watch this movie and get back to me about it.

I guess I need to tag someone so here goes
The Alternate Moebyus


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Titan

What can you say about a person who inspired a whole genration of players from a city, a person who is still considered to be the best the city has ever produced, and almost everyone who has played cricket in the city considers him to be his GURU.

What can you say about a person whom Cricinfo calls "A stylist in the purest sense", "No-one drove off the front foot - or knotted a tie - like him, it was said".....

I am talking about ML Jaisimha, the greatest batsman without doubt that Hyderabad has produced. VVS Laxman has a special place in my heart if for nothing else but for the fact that where he practices is a stones throw from my house and Azhar will always remain the first international cricketer I bowled to but these people were men, Jai was a legend, a larger than life great.

His test stats pale in comparison to the present lots 71 innings for 3 centuries and 12 50's at an average of 30.68. But then one has to remember that those were the days of unlimited bouncers, uncovered pitches and some of the greatest bowlers that the game has ever produced. His legendary innings at Brisbane of 74 and 101 are still talked about in Hyderabad, the fact that he almost walked off the plane to the match adds the icing to the cake and you can always find some old man telling it with relish at one of the innumerable grounds in Hyderabad. Another one of his performances much talked about is his rear guard batting at Calcutta against Australia where he batted through all 5 days of a test match. (Whats this with Hyderabdadi batsmen in Eden against Australia!!)

According to lot of people including Raju Bharatan and Pataudi he could have been one of Indias greatest captains. I have only read the way he would weave batsmen out and set fields with plans and more often than not how they would go right. Of course the fact that Pataudi was willing to play under him in the Ranji trophy shows the greatness of this man. His knowledge of pitches was legendary and he was the most feared captain in his time in the Ranji trophy.

His biography is being released "My Way" co written by a Hindu journalist A Joseph Antony and his wife Jayanthi. Cant wait to read it.

The only thing that I can remember when I think of "Jai" is "According to Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power! Well that fcricket field out there , that was Jais universe. He ruled it like a Titan!" (From Remember the Titans a great movie)

To me he will always be a Titan

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Watched Nagesh Kukonoors latest movie Iqbal over the weekend. The beginning was great, the next one third was passable and the ending a bit too sensational.

Starting off with a movie celebrating Indias win in what looked to to be the 1985 world series match, at the end of which Iqbal is born, to the way he names all his buffaloes after the bowlers of the Indian team since he rightly feels that they are never given their due, the movies holds you in rapt attention. His own private 22 yards, the way he closes his eyes and can hear the applause of a crowd cheering him on, the longing glance when he sees the boys at the academy are excellently done. His sister also gives a great performance, introducing him to the academys coach, who later fires him since Iqbal gets provoked once and does what most pace bowlers do.

But the best performance comes from his next coach Naseeruddin Shah. He delivered a superlative performance in "Teen Deewarien", his dialogue where he says that its more enjoyable if one looks at life like a game of chess in response to Juhi Chawlas question about life not being a series of games was excellent. In this movie he plays a player who was not given his due in his playing days and is perenially drunk, till Iqbals sheer persistence makes him coach the raw Iqbal and turn him into more of a finished product. Again Kukonoors class is evident when the Ranji Trophy selections go on and the selector tells Shah "Sir, main aap ka fan tha"...

But of course the best one is "For all the people jo mera bhala chahte hain..I have one advice for them...GO TO HELL"

The ending though seems a bit unbelieveable but then who cares, in the age of item numbers and songs in Swiss locations with a 100 bandis around a top less hero this movies comes as a whiff of fresh air.

All in all a very well made movie. (Though what made it even more nostalgic for me apart from the private pitch, the closing eyes and able to hear the applause of the crowd was the fact that I learnt most of my cricket right at the stadium where the Ranji match at the end of the movie is shown.)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Beginning of the End

If the Ashes are finally won by England, most cricket fans would start wondering whether this is the beginning of the end ?

But people who have been following cricket would have seen the signs earlier. The 2003-04 series against India was one such series. Both McGrath and Warne were out due to inujuries and a ban. And the bench strength was simply not upto the mark. Gillespie bowled with a lot of fire and spirit in that series but could not make an impression beyond getting Akash Chopra out and a highly debatable decision against Sachin(I personally agree with the umpire, when batsmen dont play shots they dont deserve any benefits).

Brad Williams, Nathan Bracken were decent bowlers who could bowl well if the pitch had something in it for them. Bichel was at the end of his career. In both Adelaide and Sydney the former the best batting track in Australia and the latter the spinning track there they suffered. McGill though he took wickets gave away far too many runs. He would feed off the pressure created by the other bowlers to bowl well which was simply no longer happening.

And then the tours in Sri Lanka and India were won by some excellent batting by Martyn and great bowling by Warne and McGrath. They also found batsmen of class in Katich and Clarke who are fitting replacements to the Waugh brothers. The former gritty like Steve and Clarke the flamboyant, free flowing batsman and a good player of spin to boot.

But they still have many problems as far as the bowling is concerned. Brad Williams is pushing 30, Tait is still a very raw quantity, Kasprowicz and Gillespie are old shadows of what they used to be. And theres still no replacement for Warne, someone who can bowl a tight line and take wickets as well. Lee seems to be the only one who poses a challenege, but he leaks too many runs and is not too good while bowling on flat pitches. Hauritz is nowhere near being international class, and Hogg is a good option but again he is on the wrong side of 30 as well.

The Aussie selectors too seem to have become softer. Hayden would not have played after the 3 matches on the tour. Gillespie would have been dropped but they tried to stick to something that would work but was sadly past its expiry date.

Right now the Aussies have enough batsmen to replace the existing lot in case they decide to drop someone, but the worrying thing is that they dont have any bowlers. And its the bowlers who win you test matches while the batsmen can only set it up.

Where Australian cricket goes from now will largely depend on the manner in which people like McGrath and Warne are phased out of the team giving them enough time to train the tyros the nuances of the dark arts of swing and seam, plus all the treacherous tricks of spin bowling.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Faboulous Fourth

Today is when the most crucial test of the Ashes starts. The rate at which runs are being scored in this series implies that there is a scarce chance of a draw unless there is rain like in the previous test. If England win then they have to make sure they do not lose at the Oval to retain the Ashes. The Aussies win and they retain the Ashes. And of course the Oval is like the SCG a flat track but the spinners come into the picture pretty early on in the game. I remember Phil Tufnell bowling the English to victory on a square turner in the 1997 Ashes.

The English will play the same XI, a record since I think the early 80's when the last time the English played the same XI in four consecutive Ashes test matches. Their batting looks a lot more solid now. Strauss has regained his form with the knock in the second innings at Old Trafford. Trescothick who was a bunny in the 2003 Ashes is now playing very well with an average well above 40 for the series. Vuaghan showed his master class with a great knock in the first innings. And Bell also scored a half century though his manner of dismissal might leave a lot to be desired. Flintoff and Pietersen are just the sort of aggressive batsmen to follow the circumspect Bell. And Jones has also scored when the opportunity presented itself. All in all their batting is firing on all cylinders. In their bowling department Flintoff is bowling really well, he has kept Gilchrist tied down and Gilly does not seem to have any answers as yet. Jones is a fine bowler as I have blogged before as well, I still think in the last test he must have been bowling to Lee since he was the one to have dismissed him at Edgbaston and at Old Trafford in the first innings. And Giles seems to be bowling much quicker on these slower English pitches and is varying his flight and pace very well. He has been helped by the Aussies batsman not willing to take him on and not rotating the strike very well. Harmison also is bowling very well thought he might be a touch worried about not taking more wickets. He certainly deserves more. The only weak link in the bowling seems to be Hoggard who has not bowled as well as was expected. Of course with 5 bowlers Vaughan has not really felt the pinch of this as yet. The gloomy conditions if they prevail at Trent Bridge might just suit him to get back to form. We will have to wait and watch as to whether that might happen. All in all the English have 11 players all fit and in form.

The Aussies look a sorry lot, they have new injury scares almost everyday their body language on the field does not look very positive. It reminds one of the numerous English teams that have lost the Ashes over the past 15 years. Hayden looks a sorry batsman now. His inability to either leave balls wide of off stump or play authoritatively through the covers has been well exploited by the English bowlers. And his getting bowled might have been a further dent to his conifdence. The worst way to get out after a run out is probably bowled since it indicates a serious technical fault somewhere. Langer has been playing well but he needs to get on and score a big hundred if the Aussies have to win this test match. He seems to be having a problem playing Giles early on in the innings and then countering the reverse swing, but he is a fighter and I think we can expect him to play well. Ponting played a fine knock and one thing about Ponting is that once he gets into form he makes the opposition pay, so the English need to be careful about him. He also seems to be able to handle reverse swing pretty well. His only problem might be starting an innings when the ball is seaming around too much or starting against spin, because when he starts he takes a huge front foot movement which is fatal against both the above forms of bowling. Martyn got a raw deal in the last test, was bowled off a beauty in the first innings though he must have moved his right leg across to cover the spin, in the second innings he was given out lbw though he had edged it onto his pads. Clarke is playing very well and must soon start learning to play reverse swing to make sure he does not get out when he is set like in the last match. Katich if he plays which I doubt should become more tighter in defence and try to play himself in, get a bit calmed down before he goes for his strokes. What has not helped his cause is the fact that whenever he has gone to bat the Aussies have been under a considerable amount of pressure. But thats what makes the difference between the really good ones and the also rans. Gilchrist seems to be all tied, should free his arms more and play naturally and try farming the strike with the tail. Warne and McGrath are bowling pretty well and so has Lee. Since Aussies play only 4 bowlers they need all 4 to be in form. They have not been helped by Gillespies display so far, Tait will be playing. He is supposed to be fast, but this series seems to be hinging on reverse swing, and if he can do that then it will be a real bonus to Ponting.

Captaincy wise Ponting needs to trust his instincts more and not be the predictable guy that he has become these days. Vaughan since he has 5 bowlers at his disposal has a slightly easier job. But his bowling changes are good and his captaincy seems to be more inspired and imaginative than his counterparts at present.

Finally this match will all boil down to how well the Aussies play the reverse swing of Jones and Flintoff. And how well they can attack Giles so as to deprive Vaughan of his strategy of Giles wheeling away at one end and rotating his pacemen at the other.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Frustrating Finals

India yet again lost a final to Sri Lanka yesterday. The final margin turned out to be 18 runs. What made it even worse India were in the chase till about 35 overs chasing 282 for victory till panic set in and they lost it.

Any team with a reasonably stong middle order would be expected to win a match when you have to score 76 runs off 67 balls with 7 wickets in hand and the top scorer still on the crease. But not so in Indias case. First of all Yuvraj Singh played a highly irresponsible shot to get himself out. He probably should listen to Geoffrey Boycott who says always add 2 wickets to the present to get a real assessment of the value of your wicket. Yuvraj has done this time and again. In the Natwest Final though he acted very disconsolate he had actually thrown his wicket away. And to repeat the same mistake that too after a couple of years experience at the top level is unpardonable. The Indian selectors should probably take a leaf out of the Aussie selectors to drop him for the next 6 seasons. They did the same thing with Damien Martyn when he played an irresponsible shot in the 1994 series against SA, thus depriving us of watching one of the most graceful batsmen of our times.

And then the Indians panicked. Kaif had no job whatsoever looking at the ball when Dravid called him for a run. He should have shouted an outright "NO" when called if he felt there was no run, but he took 2 steps making Dravid commit and then refused in mid pitch. Dhoni played a forgettable innings. For the first time I think he is facing so much pressure and he came out on the losing side. He needs to tighten up on his defence and look to rotate the strike more. Pathan of course showed us why he will never become the fine batsmen that he can by getting out stumped off the last ball of a Murali over. He could have just knocked it down the ground for a single or just played him out and waited for the next over. As it is the old adage that you dont make any runs from the pavilion still holds good I think.

Zaheer Khan yet again started off by bowling so many wides that India must seriously consider resting him for any big match. He has lost all the pace he had when he made his debut, can no longer bowl the yorker consistently, has lost the ball that curves back in and is a liability on the field plus his fitness is always a question mark. The Indian bowling lacked incisiveness, there was no planning and just went about listlessly through their overs. There just wasnt any inspiration to be found everywhere.

I dont know what Greg Chapell has done to the Indians but for some strange reason they seem to be very angry these days. Look at Nehras reactions on taking wickets, or Yuvraj after scoring his century going be*****od. Or even Pathan. Aggressiveness is fine but if one is not enjoying cricket then they will never be able to perform at the peak. What was entirely avoidable was the spat between Harbhajan and Nehra in the middle of the field. Nothing can account for that sort of behaviour.

And then there were some strategic mistakes as well. Kaif should play at #4 the spot where he played at the world cup, he is a rotator of the strike and India sorely missed such a player in the middle of the innings. Yuvraj whose power hitting would have been more useful in case he had to play the last 13 overs would have been more useful at #6. I think India should play with Sachin,Sehwag,Ganguly,Kaif,Dravid,Raina,Dhoni rather than send in Kaif at #6 and expect him to hit boundaries on a slow,low pitch against the spinners. Further whenever one is trying something new, they always do it in a league match not in a final. I have no idea why they changed the composition for the final, the least they could have done was play this combination agains the Windies before the final.

The final was won by the team which enjoyed the game, had a quiet belief in themselves against an opponent who were listless, had a wrong notion of what constitutes agression, playing an untried line up, panicky led by a capatain whose head was on the line. No prizes for guessing who won.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Greatest Test Match Ever

I have seen some really great test matches in my life. Some which come to mind are the 1999 test match in Chennai where Sachin played a valiant knock only to end up on the losing side. Another was the third test match of the 1997 Ashes where Steve Waugh scored 2 centuries in the 2 innings even though he had split the webbing on his right hand, I can still recall his grimace after facing every ball. Also there was the series decider in the Frank Worell trophy which the Windies won by one run. Walsh dismissing McDermott with a perfectly pitched outswinger. Of course a Brian Lara inspired Courtney Walsh winning over the Windies by one wicket. There were 2 such matches in the same series where Lara single handedly proved to the rest of the world why he is without any doubt the best test match batsman of our times. Or even the 1987 tied test match where Dean Jones was literally vomitting on the field in his marathon double century. But apart from all these the test match that I watched yesterday must surely rank as the best I have seen.

There is an incredible romance assosciated with any sport whenever you see an old pro taking on the brash new comer. Graf versus Hingis was one of the matches I remember in Tennis. Sachin taking on Qadir in the late 1980's. In this case it was an Oldpro team taking on their challenegers to the title of world champions. England have won series in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa. The only places left were India and Australia. In India they were denied victory by rain in Bangalore which would have drawn the series. Australia meanwhile are the hardened professionals who have won series everywhere around the world. And quite recently they had conquered the final frontier India. They were and probably still are the undisputed world champions.

After losing the first test match by a huge margin the English one would have expected would repeat the old story of folding up by going into a shell. There was a lot of stick from the media against the English team. Most of it directed against Giles who reacted to it and again got lot of stick for it.

The beginning of the test match did not lack any drama. Glenn McGrath while playing rugby on the morning of the match stepped onto a cricket ball and injured his ankle. This meant that the Aussie attack lost one of their potent weapons. Kasprowicz who by his own admission looked forward to having cheese cake and tea was slated into replace the injured pigeon. Australia won the toss and Ponting seemed to have been drawn into the groundsmans bluff when he asked the English to bat. (The groundsman of course telling the media that the pitch was undercooked by a couple of days and there would be a lot of moisture. Also Pontings crack on his cheek courtesy Harmison might still have been fresh in his memory).

Out walked Trescothick and Strauss. They got off to a blazing start scoring at more than 6 runs per over. Lee who does not have an in between length was either driven or pulled away with scant respect. They put on 112 in 25 overs before Strauss chose a ball that was too full to cut and was castled just before lunch. After lunch Vaughan and Trescothick resumed, attacking anything that was loose. Kasprowicz then induced an edge from Trescothick and in the same over had Bell caught behind with a beauty of a delivery. And four overs later when Gillespie who was bowling better than anytime on the tour made Vaughan top edge a pull which must have in Sidhus language brought down an air hostess with it was well taken by Lee one began thinking whether England had gotten everything wrong. Out walked Flintoff to join Pietersen and then began one of the best counter attacks in test cricket. In a space of 18 overs more than 100 runs were added as Flintoff hit 5 sixes and 6 hits to the boundary in his 68. Pitersen meanwhile was content to let Flintoff do the bulk of the scoring. After the tea interval though Gillespie again induced an edge off Flintoff and then soon Kasper got Jones out off a peach of a delivery. The pendulum had swung the Aussies way yet again. At 293 for 6 one would have thought that 320-350 would have been what England would end up with. But then Giles also began attacking the bowling and was helped by the sort of fields Ponting was setting. He scored 23 before he was plumb in front to Warne. Meanwhile Pietersen began opening his big huge shoulders. One shot stands out. Lee who was bowling fast came in and bowled a short of good length ball just outside off stump, and Pietersen non chalantly drove it on the up and with a flick of the wrist to ensure that it went wide of the mid on fielder the ball raced away to the mid wicket fence. And then one of his mis hits found Katich who took a good low catch. Harmison meanwhile hit Warne for a couple of boundaried to score 17 before he was deceived in the flight and was castled. The last wicket pair of Jones and Hoggard put on 32 crucial runs before Hoggard was also lbw to Warne. At the end of the first day England was 407 all out. There was a feeling that on the feather bed of this pitch it was 100 runs short of what would test the strong Aussie batting line up.

And in what has become the usual tradition in this series Langer was again hit on the helmet, thighs and what not. Hayden went again playing a casual cover drive to the short cover fielder off his first ball. Ponting and Langer consolidated before Poting who looked set to get a big one was stifled by Giles leg stump line and gave a catch to Vaughan at short fine leg. He was out for 61 and the score was 88 for 2. England got the stroke of luck they needed when Martyn who was playing with ease and had moved onto 20 off 23 balls got run out on the stroke of lunch. He was out by an inch and Vaughan with one stump to aim at had hit. Clarke and Langer then took the score to 194 for 3 and just when you thought the Aussies had it in the bag Giles produced a quick one which Clarke edged through to Jones. Katich was troubled by Flintoff and soon went caught behind. Gilchrist playing a very subdued role compared to his usual flamboyant self took them to 262 before Jones produced a beautiful yorker to dismiss Langer who had produced a doughty knock of 82. Warne swung his bat at everything and was out to Giles bowled. Jones again bowled just the right length to force lee to edge to Flintoff to second slip. Gillespie hung around for quite some time during which Glichrist was happy to let him have the strike and I think this was one of their blunders. Giclhrist should have farmed the strike and tried to score more. Instead Flintoff came back to dismiss Gillespie and Kasper off consecutive balls to dismiss Australia for 308. England had the crucial first innings lead of 99 runs. But the action for the day was not yet over. England had to play out a sticky half hour. And Warne produced a magic delivery to get rid of Strauss in the last over of the day. After taking a long time to set his field, Warne bowled a ball which pitched about 3 feet outside the off stump and Strauss looking to pad it away offered no shot, the ball hit the rough spun past his pads and crashed into the stumps. At the end of the second day England were ahead by 124 runs with 9 wickets in hand.

Next day Lee bowled his spell of the series and accounted for Trescothick (lazy edge to Gilchrist), Vaughan (bowled by a quick straight one again) and Hoggard (caught a gully). England were tottering at 31-4. Bell and Pietersen consolidated and took the score to 72 before Gilchrist took an excellent catch down the leg side to snare Pietersen, though it was doubtful whether the ball hit the glove/bat. And soon enough Bell was making the long walk back to the pavilion again given out caught behind in a doubtful decision. Jones was out next to a snorter from Lee. The score was 101 for 7. England lead by 200 runs and 3 wickets in hand. Yet again it looked like the Aussies had pulled it back. But Flintoff had other ideas. With Giles he added 30 runs. Soon enough Giles was out to Warne edging him to slip. And Harmison went second ball caught at silly point. Flintoff then freed his shoulders and smashed Kasprowicz for 2 sixes in the same over. Kaspers over went for 19 runs. And then followed it up with 2 more in Lees next over who had replaced Kasper. Finally Flintoff and Jones had added 51 runs in less than 8 overs and had changed a target of 230 to one of 282. England now had a slight edge because of the late onslaught. While Flintoff had batted he seemed to have done same damage to his shoulder and looked to be in discomfort but had soon overcome that to hit those huge sixes. Australia began well with both Hayden and Langer playing very safely to take them to 47 in 12 overs. Soon enough Vaughan brought on Flintoff for a wicket and he obliged with his second ball when he bowled Langer through the gate bowling round the wicket. And then the next five balls were the best I have seen in my life. Of course I have read of Holdings over to Boycott but this one was probably up there with that. Three balls at the right length all coming back a long way and all Ponting could do was to either play and miss or edge it. He left the fourth ball which was a wide half volley. And then since there was a no ball the last ball was full and left him, Ponting had to play at it and its a tribute to Pontings class that he could edge it to Jones. Match had swung Englands way again. But Martyn again started off pretty well hitting boundaries in a a manner that suggested that he was born on earth with the sole purpose of batting. Simon Jones was brought back and after being hit for boundaries through square leg and mid off he bowled one at the right length and Hayden yet again paid the price for playing towards covers only mangaing to edge it to trescothick who dived to his right to take a good catch at slip. And then in an inspired piece of captaincy Hoggard was brought back and his first ball got him the wicket of Martyn who played a casual flick which he could not keep down to Bell at mid wicket. England were now 107 for 4, needing another 175 to win with 6 wickets in hand. Katich scored a few boundaries to ease the pressure before he failed to read a straighter one from Giles that he glided into slips hands where Trescothick took it on the second attempt. Out walked Gilchrist and played the most irresponsible shot of the match when with a few minutes to close of play he danced down the track to Giles and gave a dolly to Flintoff at mid on. Next to come was Gillespie and he was promptly sent back first ball by a booming Flintoff inswinging yorker catching him Plumb in front. Clarke and Warne then played pretty well till it was the last over of the day and Harmison was running into bowl the score on 134. His first 3 balls were delivered from the 2nd floor of an apartment as usual and were short incoming delivieries, Clrake went back to all three. The fourth ball was a beautiful slower ball which was a yorker on middle stump, Clarke tried to put it through mid wicket and closed the face of the bat too soon and the ball pitched and left Clarke and crashed into off stump. It was 175 for 8 at the end of the third day with all but an England victory left for the next day.

No body had an inkling of the events to unfold the next day. Flintoff and Harmison started proceedings with both bowling right into the rib cage following it up with yorkers. Lee took many blows one flush on the arm guard. Warne got hit on the padding once but his run was disallowed as he was deemed not to have played a shot. But the runs were coming quick and fast through byes,leg byes shots over third man. Till once Warne who was going a long way across and back to play the bouncers walked onto his stumps. It was 220 for 9 at this stage. Aussies still needed another 62 runs with 1 wicket in hand. One over of Giles went for 13 with Kasper hitting 2 boundaries. Lee playing well to reach 43. In the meantime he was hit on his hands had to had a spray put on and was facing real hostility from the bowlers as well as the crowd. They had taken their team to within 10 runs of victory when Jones dropped a tough chance at third man. Then Lee hit a boundary and got them within 6 runs. 3 singles later all that was required was a boundary to win. Meanwhile Harmison came in and bowled a quick bouncer, Kasper tried to get out of its way hanged his bat at it taking off his hand and the ball hit the glove and Jones took a tumbling catch. England had won by 2 runs. Most of the spectators had their backs to the action such was the agony they were going through. I dont think too many people were left with fingernails at the end of the Match.

What were the turning points. Was it Ponting allowing so many free runs on the first day, was it the careless attitude that the Aussies displayed in the first innings especially from hayden,martyn and katich. Or was it the stubborness of Gilchrist to farm the strike.
To me the main turining points were the blizkreig of Flintoff and the nervousness of the Aussie batsmen. And add to it the careless shots that they played. Hayden, Martyn and Gilchrist all need to hang their heads in shame for the way they gifted away their wickets. They should thank their stars they dont have Ray Jennings for coach or Steve Waugh for captain. The only guys who could come out with their heads held high would be Lee,Warne and Langer who played tough good cricket. The rest need to re look at this match and try to be more commited in the remaining ones. For the English Bell needs to do something about playing Warne else he might become the next Daryll Cullinan. And Vaughan needs to do something about his batting form which at the moment is woeful.

But all in all the greatest test match I have seen in my life. Just because every hour the pendulum would swing in the other teams favour and for the tough cricket that was displayed by players on both sides.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Apparently what I had predicted did not turn out to tbe true. Giles took 3 wickets. Flintoff anf Pietersen played Warne the way he needed to be played.

Dont allow Warne to settle into a rhythm or he will eventually get you out. Even Rahul Dravid realised this on the 1999-2000 tour to Australia. Ian Bell needs to understand that. Use your feet when playing back play a positive shot rather than defend. I think far too many batsmen play him on reputation now. Match is interestingly poised.

England leads by 194 runs with 4 wickets remaining. In the first innings as well it was the last 4 wickets which put on 100 runs compared to nothing next to zilch for the Aussies that made the difference. I think Aussies will feel the pressure once the required target goes above 300 runs. Till then they will feel they have the upper hand. Right now they need to play out a session and score about another 100 runs or so by loosing only a couple of wickets.

Warne is bowling splendidly. Lets see how Flintoff and Jones handle him. Also it will be interesting to see if Kasper is able to get the same reverse swing that Jones was producing in the post tea session yesterday.

I would think that the Aussies will give the ball to Kasper and Warne after the lunch interval and go on from there. They would probably attack Jones since he has gone cheaply in his last 2 innings.

The next session may well determine who wins this match which has fortunes oscillating like a Yo-yo.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

English August

As I write this post all the hype surrounding the first Ashes test is over. It seemed to be the same old story except for the first 2 sessions of the match. On a difficult pitch for batting the English bowlers bowled really well and restricted the Aussies to a low score. But still ended up losing the match by a huge margin!!

What went wrong ?

First of all Vaughan seems to be losing his edge in captaincy. He seems to over rely on Matthew Hoggard who it must be said got Clarke out in the second innings, but then went for a lot of runs as well. But on the other hand Simon Jones who after Harmison was the most penetrative bowler in the side was underbowled. I think had Jones had a bit more luck then things could have been a wee bit different. The other of course is the non chalance with which Clarke and Martyn handled Giles. After facing upto Murali, Kumble and Bhajji, Giles is just a walk in the park. England might be well advised to play Gareth Batty since the Aussies seem to play the away turners better than the offies who give lesser room to the batsmen. Theres no use of using Giles to bowl over the wicket, he wont take a wicket neither will he stem the flow of runs since there are 4 left handers in the top 7 of the Aussie batting line up. And anyways Martyn Clarke and Ponting are all good sweepers of the ball. He might as well give the ball a bit of air going around the wicket since the Aussies dont mind leaving the crease when playing the spinners and he just might end up appealing for a wicket, though his getting one seems to be remote right now. For all it might help Vaughan would be tempted to bring himself on.

The batting seems to have come undone as well. Trescothick as usual will have a tough time since he does not move his feet too well at the beginning. On the other hand Strauss is probably playing a spinner a real spinner for the first time in his life and is being found out. Vaughan for all he might say played a poor shot in the first innings though he would like us to belive that the ball stayed low. Bell though needs to be more positive if he has to score runs since the only way you can get runs against McGrath and co is by attacking since once you start defending the runs just dry up and you end up putting lot of pressure on yourself. Flintoff of course has always had a problem playing spin usually committing himself too soon and going very hard at the ball. He would be well advised to use his feet when playing forawrd and go right back instead even if the ball is marginally short and look to score. Warne is a much easier bowler to play now that he has hardly any variations, just a straighter one. And Gillespie is still not into his stride as yet, so England have to win this match if they dont and as the pitches get drier Warne will become a bigger looming threat and Gillespie might soon re discover his touch and McGrath's prediction of a 5-0 whitewash might well come true. Englands cause wont be helped by the fact there are only a couple of days between the tests.

Only time will tell whether English August is going to be good or bad.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blogging from Israel

Right now I am in Israel on a business trip. Its a beautiful country. The roads are as narrow as in India but the traffic is not as chaotic. Use a taxi to commute from hotel to the office. Some of the taxi drivers are cool chaps. One of them actually sang a hindi song "chal chal mere haathi" while he was driving us to the office, and then came up with "Indian women aaaaah they are so beautiful".......and then added quickly looking at the bemused expressions on our faces "At least in the movies"

Went on a hotel trip over the last weekend. Went to Ceasaria, Haifa and Acco. Haifa the bahai gardens are great and a sight to behold. In Ceasaria and Acco which were basically citites built by crusaders the forts were pretty good.

Had something known as a falafal which tasted somewhat like a vada. Cant find a power cord for my laptop or else would have uploaded a few photos of my trip here in Israel.

Going to Jerusalem tommorrow.

Went on Wed night to an Italian restaurant where our bosses taook us for a treat. They explained to us the funda behind people using blue flags to support the pull out of the army from Gaaza while others using an orange one to oppose it. There were a few cars which had both these flags which I suppose goes to show that they are undecided as yet.

Anyways will upload the pics soon and post a link....

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gregs the guy

Greg Chapell is the new coach of the indian cricket team. He has coached south australia previously. Saurav Ganguly played pretty well due to his guidance in Asutralia.

And in the recent road map that he has released for the indian cricket team he feels that the core needs to be around VVS, Saurav, Sachin and Dravid. I wonder why Kaif is being left out. I think he ought to be groomed for the no 4 spot and we are going to have lots of slots vacant. Hes performed each time hes been sent out to bat at 4 in a one day match and he has the right style of batting to lend balance to a batting order in which apart from Dravid the rest are all very highly dependent on their form to score rune unlike Kaif who is ready to battle it out and spend time in the middle a la Steve Waugh. He should play in any matches against the inconsequential teams like Bangaladesh and Zimabawe and with all due respect to Sachin we must rest him and prolong his career as much as possible as the SA team did it with Allan Donald where they would play him only in key matches especially in ODIs.

And for test teams I think Chapell has done a great job in analysing all the bowlers weaknesses. If whats written in the papers is to be believed then he thinks Nehra and Zaheer are usually unfit and Pathan has lost the ability to swing the ball. He has hit the nail on the head in all three cases. And as for Balaji he needs to be nurtured more. Cant agree with him more.

Also he has said Rayudu is a great future prospect, considering that he hasnt being doing too well in the league this will give him a whole lot of confidence.

But will he be a good coach, I personally think that naturally talented guys usually do not make good coaches which Greg is. On the other hand his web site is great and also the discussion boards are thoughtful. I personally feel Greg is much better for personal consultations for some players who are going through a lean patch rather than for a team. I would have gone for Tom Moody since hes done some great work in the English County Circuit while South Australia didnt do anything great under Chapell. And to top it all Moody was an all rounder meaning he understands all the aspects of the game very well. But whethe Greg makes a great team out of a good team only time will tell.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven - Elven special forces converted to Crusaders

Legolas converts to Chritianity. Like in the case of the Popes theres a change in his nomenclature. He calls himslef Balion. To repent for his pagan non christian past and our hero deserts King Aragorn and decides to become a servant of the kingdom of God. Unlike Legolas he decides that woman can be decent company.But for most of movie he does what Legolas did, kill a lot of guys in imaginative ways.
Ok I have used my bloggers license to modify the truth about the movie.But heck the movie distorts history as well badly. I googled around a little and found a few interesting things.
1. Sybilla(Eva Green) doesnt fall for any Balion. She remains the Queen and her son becomes King of Jerusalem.She dies in some epidemic.
2. Guy de Lusignan(Sybilla's husband) later teams up with Richard(the Lionheart guy) in the next crusade and as a reward finds himslef as the King of Cyprus.
3.There was no Balion.
The best thing about the movie is the battle scenes. Ridley Scott dishes out awesome bloodbaths. The siege of Jerusalem is fundoo. I was drooling over the trebuchets, siege towers, and ballistas. The scene where balion brings down Saladdins siege towers with his ballista is the moment when Western Christian technology triumphs over the infidels, ok i am exagerrating.
The movie is worth watching just for the battles. (ps and Eva Green.)

Friday, April 29, 2005

Plaza closed down

Meet the fockers as it turned out was the last movie to be screened in Plaza.....Good I watched the last movie there and that too in the balcony

Wind taken out of the sails of the Windies

As I write this blog SA have won the toss and decided to bat and are 48-0 in 9 overs.

While I grew up even though WI were past their best and most feared team in the world status even about 10 years ago such scorelines were hard to imagine. I remember the WI batsmen as great back foot players ppl who would drive off the back foot since it gave them more time and also a chance to get under the ball to balls which were well pitched up. Richardson,Hooper, Simmons, Jimmy Adams are some names that come to mind. In fact from what I have read I like them even more...the best over ever bowled in test cricket by Holding to Boycott or the great spell by Andy Roberts in Chennai's chepauk stadium where Vishy scored an excellent 90 odd...Their greatness is testified by the fact that most batsmens would rate thier best innings whenever they scored well against Garner, Holding, Croft and Marshall.

Even though the present Windies team have a good line up in terms of batting with Hinds,Gayle,Sarwan,Lara C'Paul and Bravo its the bowling thats pathetic.

The enduring sight of the Windies to me will remain the 1994 test match. I think it was in Barbados where Waugh kept staring at Ambrose who was bowling an unplayable spell and kept beating Steves bat....Richardson had to literally drag him away to avoid him beating up Steve....Steve looked a midget in front of him..that was the sort of passion that they used to play with...
Walsh though less agressive was a bowler with a McGrath like accuracy and could work out a batsmen beautifully remember his spell in Mohali where he bowled them to a victory and broke Prabhakars nose in the bargain :)
But todays bowlers are really no real pace though fridel edwards has a bit but again no control..they are very harmless and lack any sort of penetration....As Geoffrey would say "Even my mum could score a 100 against them"....

Also what does not help them is the sort of dead pitches that they have started preparing...previously batsmen would look to a WI tour with some sort of trepidation since they would cop a few but now they lick their lips in anticipation of the flat pitches and the club level bowlers they will be facing...

All this is very sad to see since anyone who has watched the WI team of yore will know...Just spare a thought for what Lara or C'Paul would be feeling...Lara is the best batsman on the earth his 176 and 196 were the knocks of the season so far only to end up on the losing side each time...C'Paul another batsman with a lot of toughness having a fine record and yet losing time and again...

They must be feeling the nails in the coffin each time they have to play with the other team ammassing 600 odd runs or when they score 400 the other team getting free runs because of some wayward bowling....

And it seems that the WI are where England were about 4 years back but England always had a great county cricket frame work which meant that you would come across some one good player sooner rather than later..not so sure abt WI...I cant see them producing the Flintoffs or the Vaughans unless they become more professional in their play on the field..the youngsters not throwing their wicket away the bowlers bowling accurately if not incisively...

As Lara and C'Paul would tell ya Cricket can be a very cruel game sometimes.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Match ka Mujarim

I watched the series finale yesterday. India lost the match even though the target was stiff, the pitch was still playing true though some balls were keeping low, and we had the second best batting line up in the world (or so dada claims).

But what made the day entertaining was this program that I watched on Star News later yesterday night. Had a very corny name "Match ka Mujarim". Interesting name is all I would say. The public was furious and there were three panelists Zaheer Abbas the great Pakistaani batsman, Kirmani one of Indias finest keepers and the chairman of selectors and Bishan Singh Bedi probably Indias best left arm spinner and known to be a guy who is very anti BCCI.

It was sad to see so many fans cribbing so much about the team. I mean as Kirmani kept saying that winning and losing keep happening, the public came up with some stupid questions like "Does Sachin think hes bigger than the team ?" Does anyone in India even have any indication of the pressure that he goes through each time he bats. He has played exceedingly well till about the past couple of years when he has changed his game and mellowed down. A phenomenal player to say the least, one only needs to look at Lara to realise what can happen when the pressure gets to you.

On the other hand people keep questioning the players doing ads. Are they plain jealous or what ? I accept the fact that they are probably overpaid considering the recent performances but why are they handed out such lucrative contracts, precisely for the reason that the same public idolises them, if they stop doing that then they wouldnt get such obscenely huge amounts of money. We have had people like Geet Sethi 7 times world champion or Pankaj Advani, Gopichand, Jaspal Rana the list goes on but we dont see them in any ads why coz the public aint interested in them but on the other hand Sania Mirza who hasnt won any major tournament (same thing can be said of the Indian cricket team) is the talk of the town one only needs to read Times of India to know that, bloody ell I have her face smiling down on me from numersous billboards. My point being that unless we stop worshipping these cricketers they will keep getting such ads.

And finally Indians are by nature not a nation that takes to sports actively. Not too many guys in school play any game at even a semi serious level, gali cricket not withstanding. Anyone who has played any game at even a club level knows that there are sometimes when things just dont turn out the way you want them to, and you win some and loose some. Even if you have the best strategy things can go horribly worng and theres nothing you can do about it. You lose, you cop it on the shoulder and go on with life, no point in doing the analysis that the numerous cricket shown on all the news channels with players who have mostly failed to do anything of note at the international level do. If its constructive its probably still ok but some of the jokers are just unbearable. So all the public at the star news show I think were just playing to the gallery its bloody become a movie show, Bedi sometime in the show said "The cricket team Should stop playing with the emotions of the indian public" if our emotions depend on the cricket teams performance then all I can say is "Dude get a life"

"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;"

Kipling "If"

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Watched Karam at the Mux on Sunday.

Was one of the better movies made. Its a standard story abt a contract killer and the love of his life and how he has to finish off one last business before he can leave the profession and avoid captain from cutting of his loves fingers one by one. Some of the stuff in this movies is good, mostly fast paced not much room for maudlin scenes and some good cinematography. This movie is Kill Bill, Matrix, MI2, Assassins all rolled into one. Worth a watch at least once.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Meet the Fockers@Plaza

Watched the movie saturday night. Usually watch movies in Plaza in the upper stall but this time around my friend decided that we will watch it from the balcony. Well when I walked into the balcony I realised that I have gone into a time machine of sorts. The seats were divided into different compartments each in the shape of a box. We being we bought tickets early so we were in one of the higher up ones. As usual I did not find enough leg room throughout the movie. Also if I leaned back and tried to relax and still watch the movie the bottom part of the screen disappeared which meant that for most of the time I was leaning a whole new dimension to edge of the seat doesent it !!! By the second half I could not decide which was funnier me keeping pop corn and trying to have a pepsi at the same time with the chair vibrating with every movement that I made or the movie itself...

Anyways the movie was quite good though not as good as meet the parents...essentially this movie is about Ben Stiller taking Robert De Niro and his finacee and mother in law to meet his parents. Who in turn are Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streissand who seem to be still living in the age of the hippies...lots of funny situations involving hoffman trying to break open the WC of DeNiro's trailer coz the latters cat flushed the formers dog, the dog I am sure was an IIT-ian in its previous life coz its only purpose in life seems to be fornication....we come to know that stillers mom and dad like to have a lot of cream when they are together and not just for eating :), and in the midst of it all is a child whom stiller is supposed to look after and who ends up holding a bottle of rum in his hand and uttering his first words which turn out to be ass and a pause and then hoooole and finally the fact that ben stillers fiance is pregnant

These are a few of the funny situations but there are numerous the only problem being that they seem to be too contrived and fantastic and after some time it becomes a pain to watch ben stillers parents....

But on a whole a movie worth watching at least once, I would descirbe it as an edge of the seat movie for more than one reason.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Went for the usual nets today. The mat was wet because of the overnight rain. For the life of me I cant figure out why one does not fold up the mats and keep it in a dry place during the night.

Spoiled all the balls that we had taken along. Ball was keeping low and hurrying along. I thought I will bat pretty badly, but did do pretty well in the nets. Some of my backfoot shots were cracking. The first one was right off the meat of the bat a square cut to point with my back foot right across covering the line of the ball. Seems to me my bad form is gone and I am feeling better with my feet movement now.
Only remains to be seen whether in a match I will be able to play just as well.

Going to watch Meet the Fockers tonight @Plaza. Apparently they are gonna close down the theatre and are building a mall there. Hmm might be one of my last movies there then I would imagine.

Update with the review of the movie soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fans of Bayes

This blog can be extremely irritating to anyone who is semi literate and of no interest at all except to the Extra Terrestrials who are looking for signs of intelligence on earth and might end up concluding after reading this blog that we are more primitive than the samples that they had found 5000 years ago.

Well the blogs name is Fans of Bayes. So I have to write about Bayes. Bayes was the one who came up with stuff like p(A|B) meaning probability of A given B.

Bayes is there in everyday life. So here are some truths about the real world looking at it from the eyes of Bayes.

p(committed | intelligent and humorous babe) == 1
p(cricket expert | Indian ) == 1
p(blog | sane human being) == 0

Will be blogging more such stuff soon.

Anf if ya are still with this blog and not irritated enough

Why is a tiger a Tech Park ?

Because 'Bagh' mane Tech Park.

Supposed to be understood only by TI,i-flex and Motorola employees.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Statutory warning

This stuff is likely to be irritating to almost everyone. If you continue reading, be warned!